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Meet Mark

Coffee Cake & Real Estate Broker

Mark J. Whitehead was born and raised in Australia. At 14 years of age, he purchased his first block of land, 5 acres in llandillo, Sydney for $3,500 and he sold it 12 months later for $7,200. He made more in that deal by buying and selling than his dad did for the year, working 50-hour weeks in a factory. He was hooked on the Real Estate game.

Mark has had a long history in business and in sports. He has owned hotels, night clubs, and tennis clubs around the world. As a former world class Equestrian, he lived next to George Harrison and competed all over the world with his horses, and as a professional tennis player on the ATP tour from 1977-1988 traveling the world on retirement looking for new challenges.

Mark understands the true building cost and how to get there. Aggressive by nature and profit driven, he knows how to put a deal together. Something lacking in most salespeople. He started Surf and Country Real Estate on the Gold Coast, Australia with 2 offices and over 40 agent’s primarily selling his own properties doing approximately 30 plus sales a month.

Mark built a reputation based on TRUTH and full disclosure as well as going the extra mile to make sure his clients are fully informed of the property they intend to buy. Mark started LUXURY HOME AUCTIONS and sold homes that other agents owned not affiliated with him but with some big-name companies. He was always thinking outside the box.

Ask him what you need or want out of your home, it’s a team effort and we all must be on the same page with a common goal to sell as quickly as possible at a fair price for all. It’s not hard. Having the right information is the key.

That is simply why you should have Mark sell your home. He will provide a very detailed presentation with real facts you can verify of his opinion to consider when listing your home and a detailed strategy of how to get there with a real plan, not a simple call “we should drop the price..” That’s NOT typically the answer.

Let’s meet for a Coffee and Cake and talk about Real Estate.

“Most Traditional Methods used here today only give you one opportunity that is to SELL something for LESS than your best expectations! There is a better way…” – Mark J. Whitehead

Meet Brie

Coffee Cake & Real Estate Principle-Agent

Brie is an ex-tennis professional. She has been in Real Estate for a little over 5 years, learning from her father they have created a special concept with Coffee Cake & Real Estate. Not your average brokerage firm. Brie understands hard work, ethics, and the true meaning of selling. She has made many relationships with her tennis career that have followed her into her Real Estate career. Brie has traveled the world, she has seen many different cultures, and ways to live. She truly understands your wants and needs when it comes to home buying. Brie has had multiple million dollar listings, her presence, easy nature, and helpful ways to explain and present Real Estate make her a pleasure to do business with.

You will see the value in us once you sit down for a Coffee, Cake, and talk some Real Estate.

“Buying, Selling & Investing is not the only game I play.” – Brie Segota